IT Services

IT Support Services

If you crave a more flexible and advanced IT strategy, but feel limited by the perceived costs, Safebit is the answer to your dilemma. Unlike other providers, we don’t offer a one-size-fits-all solution. Our technicians develop a custom-made IT approach based on your business’s individual needs. IT Support & IT Consulting by Safebit Solutions will optimize your existing technology solutions and combine them with new systems to supercharge your business’s profitability. We assess your individual requirements to come up with solutions that complement your long-term objectives and goals.

Our IT Support & IT Consulting solutions include:

  • IT setup – we carefully develop an IT plan to secure the future of your compan
  • Technology administration – we personalize security measures to secure your business from uncontrollable disasters
  • Technology assessment – we determine weaknesses and strengths in your present setup

Managed IT Services

Workstations, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones are all crucial to connecting your employees with clients, partners, and each other. To ensure your business’s productivity, you must make sure that these devices always run smoothly and are secure from cyberattacks — and this is exactly why we’re here. Safebit Solutions offers a suite of crucial server, network, and desktop management services, available for small- and medium sized businesses, and for our clients in government offices around the Houston area — all for a fixed monthly subscription rate. Our technicians will cater to everything from on-premises hardware and support maintenance, to help desk services and remote monitoring.

Safebit offers the following Managed IT Services for businesses:

  • Asset tracking – the software and hardware on your servers will be constantly
  • Malware protection – anti-malware programs will always run smoothly thanks to
    regular audits and site visits.
  • Preventive maintenance solution – we schedule deployments of chosen patches and
    report on patch status by server.
  • Notification and problem analysis – we’re notified when issues arise so our engineers
    can assess the situation, record steps for resolution, and fix the problem.
  • Technology platform – we provide an entirely safe environment for managing and
    monitoring applications, servers, and network devices.

Cloud Backup Services

Cloud backup solutions from Safebit Solutions is the ultimate protection for your businesses data. We firmly believe that backups should be completed, reported and tested on a regular schedule. A cloud Backup strategy from Safebit Solutions will ensure your critical business data is backed up at a minimal of one time each day and available in the event of a disaster. With our MSP platform we are able to monitor backup status reports effectively and act on failed backup quickly.

Primary Features of cloud backup include:

  • Secure offsite protection of your data in our cloud.
  • Ability to send daily reports and act on those reports.
  • Data is backed up locally first to allow for quick recovery.
  • Recover your data in the event of a disaster to all server and storage equipment.

Cyber Security Solutions

From simple email scams to advanced ransomware, cyberthreats are growing at a disturbing rate, and small businesses are their prime targets. But aside from fending off malware attacks, small businesses also need to manage complex regulatory compliance. It all adds up to a long list of risks to your organization’s productivity, reputation, and overall business continuity. And when you look at it like that, IT security is a top priority.

Security solutions require a more intricate and complicated strategy now more than ever and with Safebit Solutions, you’ll receive expert planning, implementation, monitoring, management, and auditing of your data security systems. This way, you can rest easy knowing that your company is well-protected in the digital realm.

Security services from Safebit are comprised of:

  • Vulnerability evaluation – our experts spot weaknesses in your network.
  • Wireless information security – we proactively monitor your network so you’ll know who’s using it.
  • Intrusion protection – your network will receive virtual patches to avoid exploitation of a recognized vulnerability.
  • Managed firewall – we filter out malicious traffic.
  • Web filtering – your employees will be blocked from viewing inappropriate web content.
  • Email archiving – we search, archive, and store all email communications.
  • Email protection – your inboxes will be free of viruses, scams, and spam.