School Management Solutions

School Management System

The world is evolving, and so, too, is the manner in which we prepare our pupils for the future world. Demands on students inside and outside of the classroom are increasing and becoming more complex; there’s a growing need for parents’ attention to their children’s schoolwork; teachers are inundated with keeping classwork relevant; while administrators have a mammoth task of coordinating all the above aspects, maintaining a glowing outlook of their learning institutions and being accountable to external stakeholders.

School Management System is a comprehensive solution designed to make the management of schools and learning institutions easier. It offers a range of features, including but not limited to easy access to student information, accounting and finance, learning management, exams and gradebook, attendance management, parents’ collaboration, library management, ancillary and recruitment, online payments, and analytics.

It also allows school administrators to generate reports and track data, which provides them with valuable insights into the performance of the school. With its user-friendly interface, School Management Software makes managing schools easier and more efficient.


Scholeio365 is designed to provide an equal access to quality education that is affordable and enables students to acquire the necessary skills required for a successful future. Unlike traditional methods of education, Scholeio365 offers a hybrid learning platform that enables students to learn in a more flexible and innovative manner.

This platform allows for greater student engagement to ensure learning is being done optimally and effectively. Not only does Scholeio365 offer a robust platform for learning, but it also offers student support systems such as chat and video conferencing to ensure students can discuss their subjects with the instructors.

Scholeio365 is structured to make life better and easier for all stakeholders and has brought together two opposing elements, simplicity and sophistication, in this easy-to use holistic platform designed for learning institutions with all stakeholders in mind. It comes with the following features:
– Mobile App (iOS and Android) for staff, parents, admin, and students.
– Live class module for remote learning, homework.
– Integrations with external platforms: WhatsApp, SMS, Banks, Palladium Accounting.
– Fees management, paperless admission, and electronic report books.
– Access control and attendance module for students and staff.
– Library management, fleet management, among others.

With Scholeio365, you can manage every aspect of your learning institution from a central point, which presents the following immediate benefits:
– Lower printing and stationery costs,
– Quick turnaround on authorization of administrative tasks,
– Ease of collection, updating and follow-up of school fees,
– End-to-end financial management,
– Upskilling of teaching staff with regard to ICT,
– Centralized and direct communication with parents,
– 360-degree view of student performance.